Regal Eagle (#258)


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5 Responses to Regal Eagle (#258)

  1. sjvernon says:

    Don’t know how aware you are… but there’s a popular artwork that keeps being used for various memes, its a closeup of an angry face with full face-paint of a USA flag on it. I keep seeing it used to represent various “rah rah go USA #1” things… and I keep pointing out to people that the source of the meme artwork is ironic, given how they are using it… It’s Wolverine’s face (Marvel comics character) who is Canadian… and there were two variant covers to a Wolverine comic years ago with the Canadian flag on one and the US flag on the other… It makes me laugh when they use it to represent US patriotism when I know where it originates. 🙂

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  2. mcgettigan says:

    Side note. If you ever wonder why it takes me so long to like and approve messages it’s because I get notified about them, but can’t like them right away. So I say I’ll wait to approve this until I can like it. And then it’s two days later and I remember and BAM, here we are.

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  3. sjvernon says:

    I do the same thing… except, I’ve set a lot of regular posters to auto-approve so it makes my life easier and I only have to approve newer or less-frequent posters.

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  4. mcgettigan says:

    AUTO APPROVE WHAT IS THAT?! I shall research this.

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  5. sjvernon says:

    I don’t remember all the options… but there is an option, for instance, that allows you to have messages automatically approved for people who already have approved posts… There are other options, I think, but I can’t remember them all.

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