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We used to rage, man. Against machines. We smashed things too. Like pumpkins. And if we had flowers they were roses and we also had guns. We wore flannel and when we were happy it wasn’t just happiness it was … Continue reading

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Note #1

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Just saying …

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A Little Lost Dream

The dream stumbled, and found itself among the memories. – So the dream paused, and tried to decide which path to take next. – And suddenly the man who owned the brain, remembered a time he fought a T-Rex.

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Winky and Claribel

“Woman I want you to know I don’t, and never will, love you.” – Claribel winced at the rebuff before she reached for the tiny hat.  It wasn’t easy taking cute pictures of Winky, the talking cat.

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Civil Discourse: Warm Words

Alistair and Baxter are grown men dressed in riding outfits. Reginald wears a tux and stands with a towel over his arm for the champagne near his feet.    Alistair: I have had enough of you Baxter! Baxter: OOooooOOOOoooh. Did you … Continue reading

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Civil Discourse: In the Hole

England: 1907 Reginald the butler is digging a hole with a shovel, and sweating. Alistair and Baxter are sitting in chairs watching him, and wearing puffy shirts.   Baxter: Reginald. Reginald. Reginald? Reginald! Reginald: Yes, sire. Baxter: Chicken butts. Alistair: … Continue reading

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