Roughs jokes(#234)

Here are some rough drafts I did on my phone, then forgot about, a while ago. 

cave goblin rough


gary projectionist rough

In the cartoon above a teenager pressing play on a projector serves as the theater’s projectionist. 

—————————–gator games rough

A cave diver drops in on a secret alligator gathering.

————————train roach tracks rough

A man is surprised to find a devious cockroach tying a damsel cockroach to the tracks of his model train set. 

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4 Responses to Roughs jokes(#234)

  1. sjvernon says:

    Sometimes the quick doodles have the best ideas, no? I have stacks of little sheets of paper around here with random doodles that I keep meaning to scan and post.

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  2. reneewalkers says:

    LOVE the cockroach one!!! Have you read the classic “The Lives and Times of Archy & Mehitabel” by Don Marquis? Archy is a cockroach that communicates via the typewriter and Mehitabel is a cat.

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  3. mcgettigan says:

    I haven’t, but it looks good. I’ll have to check it out!


  4. I have no idea what’s going on here but it’s amazing… I think you have a skill or I’m bat shit

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