The Day the Bears Have Their Conference(#226)


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11 Responses to The Day the Bears Have Their Conference(#226)

  1. vjknutson says:

    Love your sense of humour – great cartoons!

  2. mcgettigan says:

    Thank you!

  3. Love it! Thanks for visiting and liking The City Kid’s Guide to a Nirvana Hike.

  4. sjvernon says:

    One of these things is not like the other… 🙂

  5. Still killing it!

  6. mcgettigan says:


  7. Haha I’ve been on Instagram… Posting multiple platforms is tiring… Basically I am lazy!

  8. mcgettigan says:

    I’ve resigned myself to twitter and wordpress. Maybe I’ll make my own social media site. With blackjack, and hookers!

  9. You got 500 followers… Something is working, because it sure isn’t your humor!!! Huh huh?? Is this thing on??

  10. mcgettigan says:

    I’m just trying to pull a standard Biden, where I stand in one place long enough and eventually people start to like me. Also I think pulling a Biden is a thing from something, but I googled it and can’t find it.

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