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2 Responses to (#218)

  1. The 1% bird needs to look male, white, and totally enamored of the loud bird with the orange feathers.

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  2. sjvernon says:

    If I may be serious for a moment… Some would argue “the early bird gets the worm” and thus earns those worms by being early… so too bad for you for not getting there early to get your worms. But… this premise ignores the reality that IF such a divide continues for long, only the 1% of birds would survive. This means two logical outcomes… 1. (Unlikely) the 99% of birds would simply perish, having accepted their fate. OR 2. (Likely) one day a large group of the 99% of the birds will just start ganging up on 1% birds and taking their worms from them. Thus, it behoove the 1% birds to make sure the 99% birds don’t go without and are happy with their standing in the community. Unfortunately, birds would figure this out LONG before people will!

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