My Week in Cartoons 4-4-16

Interior Offce Diaz Full SHot copy

Updates for the Week:

  • I finished the drawings for the short cartoon episode I’m working on (See Mr. Diaz above and one more below). Still need to record the audio and cut it all together.
  • I finished another assignment for my drawing class. 

Here’s another from the show. The dad wants the son to get a job.

dining room dNd two shot copy

And here’s part of the assignment I did. It was about planning drawings and doing thumbnails for a still life.

Practice practice practice.

thumbnails 2.jpg



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1 Response to My Week in Cartoons 4-4-16

  1. sjvernon says:

    Process… whatever your process is, or evolves to be, is an important thing to practice. I sometimes try and skip steps and it always ends up taking more time and usually results in me scrapping stuff and starting over and doing it the way I should have done in the first place! So these are good things to be learning.

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