Pearly Gates (#146)

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15 Responses to Pearly Gates (#146)

  1. The great secret of all religions everywhere.

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  2. The way things are going with technology, it may well work out this way. Great one, John.

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  3. Another one the New Yorker should buy.


  4. mcgettigan says:

    Thanks James. How’s the submitting going?


  5. 5 publications out of about 50 submissions–thanks for asking..would you ever consider illustrating a story or making it in to a cartoon? eg RCrumb for Bukowski, I have one in mind.


  6. mcgettigan says:

    I would. What’s the story? I’m transitioning to traditional animation so everything takes a looonnnggg time. But I’m down to take a look!


  7. OK,I’ll post it on my poetry blog give me a few minutes.


  8. I’d be willing to break this down into a panel x panel script.


  9. mcgettigan says:

    Looks good! Have you ever done any voiceover? It could be narrated with scenes.


  10. No I haven’t. But I’d try. We can kick it around.

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  11. Ninja Phil says:

    Imagine the suspense when something goes wrong and you get a “please wait for assistance” and don’t know whether Peter or Satan are going to turn up! Although that’d give the game away wouldn’t it

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  12. OK John I have three scenes w/ voice overs. How can I send them?



  13. mcgettigan says:

    Oh wow! My email for projects is I’ll give them a listen. In terms of overall schedule I’m in the middle of one project with a really big one up next but I’ll see what I can come up with for this. I’ve never illustrated anything for someone else and I’m definitely interested. I think I’ll have some time next week. 🙂


  14. Automation in heaven too ? I hope God is not also outsourcing trumpet and harp manufacture like the rest of the exploitative capitalists.

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