Catch (#116)

60 sort of matching doodles in a doodly flip book sort of gif.


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5 Responses to Catch (#116)

  1. sjvernon says:

    I miss making these on index cards, the old-school way. I used to have some my father drew that were pretty cool… but I think I lost them over time.


  2. mcgettigan says:

    That’s really cool. I still have some old film footage my grandfather shot. Neat stuff.

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  3. sjvernon says:

    The sad part is, my father made a couple of different ones (both sides of the cards) and I have a vivid memory of him making them… and me flipping them… but it has been so long I honestly can’t remember what the animations were of anymore. I wish I could find them. They were pretty cool.

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  4. I think he’s committed an error. 😀

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  5. skat says:

    You were there when I was in grade school, obviously.


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