Cave (#115)


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  1. Hey John, forgive me for responding to your comment over here. When I was reading your response to my comment, I accidentally hit the scroll on the outside right, instead of the inside scroll, for the comments. When I did this WordPress erased you response (by the way, this
    happens a lot to me as I try to scroll up, and accidentally hit the outside scroll) and it was irretrievable, or at least based on my slowly growing knowledge of WordPress, it was. To answer your question, I was using the mouse to draw with, although I found it easier for me to draw with my right hand. This was interesting to me, as I am a left-hander. But i have to ask; is their another way to draw? Not that I’m complaining, as I now do it with the mouse, and I do okay in drawing. It took me a while to get the hang of it (and quite a few sketches, believe me) before I was satisfied with my drawing. One thing I learned came after I drew the sketch, I was going to add color, and found that adding color within the lines was too difficult for me without going outside the lines. Maybe this also is a learning curve thing. But the thought occurred to me, that I could do everything in color first, and outline after, erasing the color overlaps. Now for the other questions…Do you adjust the canvas size by clicking on the magnifying glass? I haven’t got a firm grasp on layers yet, so until I do, layering each line is really foreign to me. Currently my text size is at 14, if that tells you anything. Forgive my ignorance, but I’m not sure what the red anchor pin is, or even where it is? As you can see, I have more tinkering to do. But John, I wouldn’t even be this far along without your help, so I owe you a great deal of thanks. ;O)

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  2. mcgettigan says:

    No worries! Happy to help. 1) You’re not a complainer, drawing with the mouse is awful. Drawing on a touch screen is preferable but there are also tablet/stylus’s that allow you to draw with a “pen”. This is actually the second time I’ve recommended this thing today but here’s what I started using for drawing/animation: You connect it to your computer and draw on the pad and the drawing on the screen. There are others but the wacom ones are pretty neat if pricey. It takes a bit to get used to but then it’s stellar. If you’re not sure you want spring for one of those just yet something I saw that was pretty cool is just drawing with erasable markers on those clear sheets people use for overhead projection. Those have the same benefit of being able to wipe a line away cleanly when you’re drawing. You could practice on those and then scan them, just to offer a super cheap practice alternative. Definitely keep in mind I am very VERY far from a master of any of this. 2)I’m not sure about the magnifying class. The app might be different across the platforms. However in general you’ll want to choose the size at the start. And then from there you can usually go smaller okay, but bigger is a problem. Basically it’s like any image in that the bigger it gets the less clear/smooth. For me when I click “new sketch” it gives me an option to set the resolution. I wouldn’t worry too much about that with sketchbook though. It’s pretty well set up and the defaults will be fine. 3) You won’t need to worry about making every line a layer, just different parts you’re drawing. Like you could make the scythe a layer and then the grim reaper a layer. Then maybe if his boney hand is hard to draw you could make that a layer just to make it easier to erase. The way I explain layers is like a collage. So for a paper collage you’d cut out all the bits and put them together. So you cut out an arm and then a torso. Then a mouth and eyes and a nose. Ideally you tape them all together and they fit and it likes like one coherent body, but really it’s all those cutouts. In photoshop/sketchbook/whatever, each of those cutouts would be a layer. So you can move them, trash them or put them under other layers individually without changing the overall collage. That’s what’s nice about working with layers. 4) HMMM. I have a red pin that shows up and I can move that around to change the “anchor point” for the text. But if your version is different well. There’s some way to change the size of the text I would imagine. Just keep fiddling and doodling and it’ll show up!

    And finally for color there are a few things like the paint bucket tool but honestly, it’s a real pain with the mouse. Make it work as best you can. But remember, gag comics look great in black and white! 🙂

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  3. Many thanks John, and all good tips. I’ll keep tinkering, and I hope to put out at least one comic a week. Hopefully the improvements will show.

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  4. mcgettigan says:

    Glad to help. Good luck!

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  5. Laughing Dragon says:

    Amazing social commentary… Talkin bout the post here.

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