Dog Tired (#111)


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5 Responses to Dog Tired (#111)

  1. ASH says:

    I want this for a SCREEN SAVER!

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  2. ASH says:

    Most peaceful artwork I’ve seen in (yawn) ages… I wanted (yawn) …. to say…somethingzzzzz…zzzzz.zzzzz.zzzzz….zzzz

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  3. Joan says:

    If I wasn’t so tired I’d ask how you got the dog’s tail to wag.

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  4. mcgettigan says:

    It’s my first real attempt at animation. I used after effects and did key frames. I think there’s a similar functionality in photoshop though, especially for simple stuff. I’ve just barely started learning! 🙂


  5. inkblot miyazaki says:

    This is really cute!!

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