Didgeridon’t (#105)


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6 Responses to Didgeridon’t (#105)

  1. JuleAnn says:

    I have to admit–I was just going to come over for a fast look, but these are addictive!

  2. mcgettigan says:

    Thanks JuleAnn! I did a 100 day comic challenge and decided to keep going. Always great to hear how people respond to them! 🙂

  3. JuleAnn says:

    Well done–I may even follow…

  4. sjvernon says:

    I’ve almost done 100 a day, but that’s ’cause I wanted to… I’m pretty insane, but I’m not insane enough to sign up for those challenges!

    You’ve done well with yours, though… some really wacky stuff has been coming through!

  5. I love it! But, seriously, the other dude would be saying “Hey, let me try that.”

  6. Martine says:

    Indeed! Digeridon’t!

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