(#100 and #101)

Doctored Image (#100)pediatric


In the sky it’s a Bird it’s Complain (ing) (#101)


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11 Responses to (#100 and #101)

  1. 100 (+1) CARTOONS!!! Congratulations!!

  2. Martine says:


  3. skat says:

    *snickering over here (Thanks for a morning smile.)

  4. skat says:

    I’m glad you didn’t say “gynecologist”.

  5. I feel like this all the time. Hey, I think I’m complain man. Or is that complane man? Anyway I’m him!

  6. 100 cartoons…Wahoo! You completed the challenge, congrats! :O)

  7. mcgettigan says:

    Thanks man! It’s been a journey most doodly in nature. I think I’ll stick around! I might even do a post on learning to doodle.

  8. That pediatrician thing is a HOOT. I sat here and laughed out loud for a few minutes.

  9. andysmerdon says:

    #101 hahaha – thanks for sharing and for you earlier visit to my place. I’ll hang around if you don’t mind.

  10. So cute!!! I love the not a cloud in the sky. Our weatherman doesn’t know shit around here!!

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