pop in (#46)


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8 Responses to pop in (#46)

  1. Underdaddy says:

    Right on. That totally happens to me. I feel bad for feeling good for doing good things sometimes, between that and my lots of kids I should probably be Catholic


  2. I never understood why I always felt guilty although I never do anything wrong. Thank you, now I know. :o)

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  3. sjvernon says:

    Fun fact… prescience is feeling something is going to happen before it happens… conscience is feeling bad about something after it happens.

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  4. Ha ha Yes! This is awesome!


  5. jjz3 says:

    Made my day.


  6. Reblogged this on The Hitch Hiker's Guide to Learning and commented:
    Mental health. It’s a tenuous thing.


  7. ahhh man. Your stuff is hilarious.


  8. mcgettigan says:

    Thanks man! I dig your stuff too!


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