Fishy (#41)

robbery two

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8 Responses to Fishy (#41)

  1. sjvernon says:

    This is cool… my kind of weird!


  2. D.L. Perching says:

    I love your doodles. Are they digital? What program or possibly special tablet to you use to draw these? I’d like to doodle some, hand pain permitting (stupid fibromyalgia) but don’t know what tools to use. The apps on kindle are no good.


  3. mcgettigan says:

    I do some on a notepad with a brush PITT pen but the rest are digital. I did them on my phone for a long time using sketchpad. Recently I’ve been using a Note tablet which has been wonderful. What kind of phone do you have? Sketchpad for android is what I use on both the phone and the tablet.


  4. D.L. Perching says:

    I don’t have a smart phone just a Kindle. I will check the store for sketched. Thanks so much.


  5. D.L. Perching says:

    Kindle is so limited. No sketchpad. Maybe there’s something comparable. Do you use a special stylus that is,safe for tablet screens?


  6. mcgettigan says:

    My tablet has a built in stylus. When I was using my phone I just did them with my finger or a cheap universal stylus I bought at best buy. It’s basically just a pen looking thing with a soft pad at the end. Like this one

    They aren’t precise but they aren’t bad for doodles. It’s basically about as precise as a finger but the benefit is you can hold it like a pen. Hope that helps!


  7. D.L. Perching says:

    I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. I found that my OneNote app has a drawing section that works decently. I have mushy ended stylus, so will try that for now. 😊


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