The Mighty Leap of One Mr. Grizbee: Part Two

Last month I wrote about a time I saw a sports mascot nose dive into a hot tub with disastrous results.

You can read that here.

Well a reader on reddit (user 0492084120commented that s/he was also at the game. And they posted a video!

This is one of the most striking memories I have so the video is amazing to watch. It’s just as ridiculous as I remember. Though it does seem a little more obvious that he seems to slip.

While my story is more tongue and cheek I think the video does capture the energy. Notably the screams when he starts to dive.

What the video doesn’t cover is the silence after the impact.

But the video does absolutely cover one thing:


I’ve circled myself in the screenshots below as well as provided what was going through my head. And as for the last frame all I can say is I’m only human.

As for the video itself… well the person in the suit was okay! So enjoy guilt free!


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2 Responses to The Mighty Leap of One Mr. Grizbee: Part Two

  1. fatschmat says:

    I wonder what was going through the mascot’s head as he plummeted to his doom?


  2. Scriptsoup says:

    That was brilliant!


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