Patrick McNulty

This is a bio I wrote of my friend’s grandfather after learning he played pro ball.

Patrick McNulty was a semipro and minor league baseball player from Northern Ireland. While he played for several teams throughout his career, he was most notably signed to the St. Joseph Cardinals during the 1947 season. 1

With the Cardinals

Patrick McNulty signed a contract with the Cardinals for a salary of $175 per month paid by the St. Joseph Cardinals, Inc. out of Detroit, Michigan.  He inked the deal on Halloween in 1946. 2

McNulty was signed to the Cardinals under then manager Bob Stanton. The Cardinals were a member of the Western Association of minor league teams and at the time played their games at City Stadium (The team had previously played in a lot on sixth street). 3

McNulty was signed to the Cardinals and set to play leftfield. He was a dominant hitter, batting second in the lineup for the Cardinals. 4 In a series against the Hutchinson Cubs McNulty lead the team to victory with a pinch double. 5

McNulty’s hitting prowess was often reported on by the local news during the 1947 season. One such mention came in a paper’s “Doubles Do It” highlight column. 6 Another mention that year was of a single he hit that helped turn the tide in a game against Leavenworth pitcher Ronnie Woodworth. He was however limited to the one run against Woodworth after Marv Millsap caught a pop up  in the third. 7

Beyond his hitting McNulty was also a capable base runner.  McNulty’s offensive capabilities were well regarded enough to earn him a mention in the local column, “The Wise Owl,” by sport writer Gene Sullivan. The same paper also reported a single McNulty hit in the 9th against the Leavenworth Braves that led the Cardinals to victory. 8

McNulty’s playing ability was also noted by scouts who invited him to attend the Major League St. Louise Cardinals’ spring training with all expenses paid. He was invited to attend the camp for training that started on March 16th, 1947. 9

Semi Pro

At the end of the 1947 season he was made a free agent by the Cardinals. McNulty and his family decided not to return to Detroit, opting instead to continue his career in semipro leagues. After being released from the Cardinals he joined the Sugar Lanes under manager Art McClintock, a popular team that challenged well known clubs like the House of David. 10

McNulty’s addition to the Sugar Lanes’ team prompted a local paper to write, “With McNulty in the lineup the Sugar Lanes will present one of the most potent attacks carried by a St. Joseph semipro team in years when it goes against the strong House of David Crew.” 11