Sandwich Movies

A sandwich movie is the kind of movie you watch while you’re eating a sandwich. This is a movie that enables you to relax and eat your chicken parm or blt in peace and comfort. The key qualification is a hard to define ease of accessibility that certain movies possess. For example, a deli chicken parm sandwich preferably will be eaten hot and must be consumed quickly once removed from the tinfoil. The eater of said sandwich will want to find something to watch quickly. This is a sandwich movie.

This list will be periodically updated over days and years as I acquire more sandwiches. The pace of updates may increase dramatically during trips to the East Coast.

Some of these movies I highly reccomend. Others not so much. All I’m saying is if your sandwich is getting soggy you could do worse than one of these.

Big Time Adolescence (2019)

The Martian (2015)