Give it my best

Hello people. As you can tell I have been making some cartoons lately. In an effort to give myself some goals and structure I will be doing a challenge and semi-blogging about it here.

By “semi-blogging” I mean adding one or two sentence updates about the projects to the challenge page as I go.

You can see the challenge here. Or just come to the site ( and click the banner link titled 100 Days.

All I want out of the next 100 days is to say I gave it my best.

The only formal posts from this site will be the cartoons. But if you find yourself interested in my progress you can click over to the 100 Days page and see where I’m at.

My next cartoon will be up on April 22nd at the latest (two weeks from my last full cartoon). From there cartoons will go up two weeks or less apart after that.

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