Confession and the Lenient Priest (#62)

confession and the lenient priest

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9 Responses to Confession and the Lenient Priest (#62)

  1. Krissy Penner says:

    Ok…I just spit a whole bunch of water alllll over the place…hahahahaha


  2. sjvernon says:

    Now we know the ratio! 🙂


  3. jjz3 says:

    Super “like”.

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  4. How much punishment for bank robbery ?

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  5. I really appreciate the simple line drawing. A few lines, the gag and delivery. I would like to showcase some of your cartoons as a guest post on my blog. I have guest posted over 70 followers. Lemme know if interested.


  6. mcgettigan says:

    I’d be honored Carl! Let me know if you need anything, or want a new cartoon for the post!


  7. Would need gravatar, your wp web site url, 2-5 sentence bio and 4 samples of your work, your choice. Send as jpegs. Will let you know when I will post. Save whatever you send as I am very adroit at deleting important stuff.

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  8. mcgettigan says:

    Will do! What email should I send that to? I also can do drop box. My email is if you don’t want to post any of that online. Thanks again. It really means a lot to be considered!


  9. I would publish you wp site address but would not publish your email unless you so indicate.


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