July 3rd, 2014 Headlines/ “I Guess You Could Says”

img_0729The Story Enthusiast’s Pitch Station

  1. Loss of handwriting an unforeseen casualty of the digital age. I guess you could say it’s our parents’ fault for making sure the writing wasn’t on the wall.
  2. The Mormon Church excommunicated several bloggers and activists within their ranks for subversive writing. I guess you could say that as far as the church is concerned they’re no-more-man.
  3. A South Carolina sheriff is in court this week after being accused of accepting bribes from a Mexican food restaurant chain. I guess you could say he’s the type of guy who doesn’t ask if he should, only if he flan.
  4. Congressmen seems to only have one thing in common on Capitol Hill: their morning workout. I guess you could say they’re all just tied to that political run around.
  5. A Japanese company is under fire after an executive published a research paper making fraudulent claims. I guess you could say the executive is now concerned with problems stemming from a different kind of cell.
  6. Iraqi refugees are fleeing parts of the country in the midst of increased violence. I guess you could say they’re in need of a bit of an Iraq-u-cation.
  7. NYTimes “Well” column gets specific about the how and whys of reapplying sunscreen. I guess you could say they really got to the bottom of the burning question.
  8. NASA satellite that will track carbon emissions attempting launch for the second time after being grounded by weather and technical issues. I guess you could say it’s another science related climate study that’s dealing with too much hot air.
  9. Zoos have begun hiring behavioral experts to deal with anxiety and depression among animals. I guess you could say that if the expert tells you the animals can’t bear it he’s probably not a lion.
  10. With new advancements in efficiency you no longer need access to a large roof to utilize solar power. I guess you could say that if you have enough windows the outlook is sunny.

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